Simplifying complex
network data collection.

Most current survey tools are optimized for capturing individual rather than network-level data. Those that do capture network data are often tedius and cumbersome.

Network Canvas is different.

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Just getting started?

Just getting started?

We have created extensive documentation, convering all aspects of creating, deploying, and managing a study using Network Canvas.

Help us improve

Help us improve

This is an open source community-driven project. Please share your thoughts on the software, suggest new features, or to tell us where we could improve!

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Network Canvas is a set of apps for surveying personal networks

Our goal is to build a suite of tools for the research community that is high quality, free, safe for research, and built to last. Watch our project video to learn more about why we created Network Canvas.

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An end-to-end workflow for your research

Network Canvas has a tool for survey design, a tool for interviewing, and a tool for secure case management. Through these three components – Architect, Server, and the Network Canvas application itself – researchers can easily design, capture, and export network data.

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