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Network Canvas was previously available to the public during a beta period for testing and feedback beginning in 2019. During that time, beta testers provided feedback, bug reports, and feature requests, directly informing the development of the tool. This iterative road of development has culminated in the production of version 6.0.0, the stable version of the tool.

The stable versions of all three apps within the Network Canvas Suite are available now for widespread use. Below you will find download links for all three apps in the suite, on a variety of platforms.

Play Store
Apple App Store


We must sadly announce that we are unable to continue to distribute Interviewer on the public App store, due to a disagreement with Apple. A policy was applied during the review process which would require us to manually verify and approve all users of our app. We refused to do so, which has resulted in our app being rejected. We now advise all researchers to use Interviewer on alternative platforms while we explore sustainable alternatives. We continue to be able to support iPad users through a private distribution process, but it will likely only be suitable for large studies with access to IT support. Please contact us at to explore this option, or if you have questions or concerns. We sincerely apologize for the situation.

System Requirements

Please consult our documentation article on system requirements.

Updating from Beta to the Stable Release

If you’re a beta user of Network Canvas, see our technical documentation about updating from Beta to the Stable Release.